Minggu, 15 Januari 2012

TIGI Haircare Products for BIANCO Sustainable Hair Fashion

Hello fellas, you have wonder why we need to use TIGI products for styling or haircare for good looking and healthy hair. TIGI products was established in 1986, introduced by one of well known Saloon from UK.and this brand is well-known in the world as one of the best styling product.

Bianco "Sustainable Hair Fashion" used this products since 2008 when our saloon is opened... The Question is Why TIGI may attract you and our stylish to use their product?

These are some of the reasons why you will fall in love with TIGI:
  1. Packaging : its not like old fashion bottle and got so boring words which sometime we even didn't really understand about that product. Its branded new design, and its funky even for middle up age!! 
  2. Scent : we won't deny about TIGI scents , got anything u can imagine for any of our products, smells good and attractive like this^^ say BYE BYE for other brands, which sometime smells bad even we paying for more -_-"" 
  3. Texture : for women and men, the texture of this TIGI wont be ask sticky or oily as any other branded products. some of well known products have a very sticky or oily to our hand even after wash.Not like our TIGI, easy to apply, and easy to rinse. 
  4. Hold : for styling, TIGI got more and more variants of holding strength for each hair types than other wellknown products. u even can change or apply or even "mix and match" TIGI. not like other wellknown products, its very BORING~~ 
  5. Care : for haircare in TIGI product, u won't need to be worry to use it. because its not only STYLE, STYLE, STYLE. but it also protect and nourish your hair with the vitamin that content in TIGI itself. 
 So, what are you waiting for? Get some TIGI, and say "goodbye" to bad hairday:):)

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