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TIPS Preventing Hair Loss

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Hair loss, it's the scariest thing for everyone as you can see on the picture.  You can't imagine if your hair on your pillow, sheets, stuck on your clothes, on the lounge, in the shower, absolutely everywhere.

There's a kind of cause hair loss such as stress, drugs, skin disorders, testosterone, menopause, iron deficiency, genetics and aging. Find the detail here.

So, to prevent hair loss and get you hair always looks fabuolus, these are some tips from our stylist for you :
  1. dont use too much styling product , u can use the product till near the sculpt but not into the sculpt.(very important for those using styling product daily) 
  2. cleanse your hair daily also help you to clean your sculpt and regenerate the new healthy sebum to protect your hair roots
  3. comb your hair daily, it helps to bring nutrition from roots to end. it also help for reducing split ends too.
  4. do use hair tonic (if necesarry and recommended to) daily, if you have slight problems with hair lose, after shampooing.
  5. do not pull the grey hair. your hair roots hardly to produce. you may choose light chemical for covering your grey hair.don't save less and cost more later. 
Those some tips might be helpful for you. cherrio :):)

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