Senin, 26 Desember 2011

TIPS Preventing Hair Loss

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Hair loss, it's the scariest thing for everyone as you can see on the picture.  You can't imagine if your hair on your pillow, sheets, stuck on your clothes, on the lounge, in the shower, absolutely everywhere.

There's a kind of cause hair loss such as stress, drugs, skin disorders, testosterone, menopause, iron deficiency, genetics and aging. Find the detail here.

So, to prevent hair loss and get you hair always looks fabuolus, these are some tips from our stylist for you :
  1. dont use too much styling product , u can use the product till near the sculpt but not into the sculpt.(very important for those using styling product daily) 
  2. cleanse your hair daily also help you to clean your sculpt and regenerate the new healthy sebum to protect your hair roots
  3. comb your hair daily, it helps to bring nutrition from roots to end. it also help for reducing split ends too.
  4. do use hair tonic (if necesarry and recommended to) daily, if you have slight problems with hair lose, after shampooing.
  5. do not pull the grey hair. your hair roots hardly to produce. you may choose light chemical for covering your grey hair.don't save less and cost more later. 
Those some tips might be helpful for you. cherrio :):)

Selasa, 13 Desember 2011

Daily Haircare Tips and Treatment - December Edition

  • Do you know about how excatly the amount using a hair product? some people say its good to put product more than what we need, is alright. we may make sure the answer is a FALSE. put any hair product in amount that its needed only. because too much product, u can get any skin irritation. ex: too much leave in conditioner in your hair makes you hair looks oily and if far away from healthy!might got skin problem too like pimples.
  • Do you know that shampoo with mint or menthol essences may help the hair growth faster? and we know some people especially in Indonesia, never mention when they keep using any of hair shampoo with mint essence do help regrowth a little bit faster than any normal shampoo. for ladies, check your hair now? are we saying the fact? 

Most of us always lazy to put conditioner after using shampoo. but let us tell u, try to use it after shampooing. its help u to prevent split end and give your hair looks much more healthy. this is the fact, shampoo based of acidic chemics and it cleanse your hair by opening ur cuticles. and conditioner it self based on methanol chemics, which help you to close those cuticles after it open by shampoo.just think. if every day if you dont use conditioner, what will happen to your hair? so, dont forget or even lazy to use conditioner ladies. prevent split ends from today :)


Oily sculpt really irritated us sometimes, oh yes. most of the time for those having this kind of problem. but how we prevent it? you may use some of traditional method by using lemon's essence to reduce your hair roots to produce more oil. or you may also use shampoo which can be use for oily sculpt. mostly this kind of shampoo based to daily use shampoo. if you using conditioner, try to put it from medium length to the ends only. and do remember, not every TOO MUCH, is good.:) just use as the exact amount:)